December 24th – Christmas Eve

Song: Christmas Eve
Album: A Dotted Line
Performer: Nickel Creek
Writer: Chris Thile / Sara Watkins / Sean Watkins
Year: 2014

This song isn’t exactly Christmas-y but it is set during Christmas time and I think it’s a really good song. The song is really about a relationship that’s about to end. The story begins on Christmas Eve when our narrator receives a call, “I really need to talk to you today…” you can guess where that went. We meet him again on New Year’s Eve. He’s not over it and he still has hope. The anthem of the song is a desperate plea “darlin’ wait, it’s not over yet.” The climax of the song focuses on the end of that phrase. It’s definitely an interesting song to add to a Christmas playlist as it has the setting of the winter season without really being about it.