Bring on the Night – Meklit

Song: Bring on the Night
Album: We Are Alive
Performer: Meklit
Writer: Sting
Year: 2014

I came across this cover of Sting’s “Bring on the Night” and immediately fell in love. I think a lot of that had to do with the fat bass sound throughout. The bass really carries this cover. Meklit has a really interesting history. She was born in Ethiopia but raised here in the U.S. and has a degree from Yale… she is also an awesome singer and songwriter.

This cover is a cool departure from the style of The Police. Meklit’s interpretation is definitely on the jazz spectrum. Instrumentation is bass, drums, trumpet and organ. I think it captures the feeling of nighttime a lot better than the Police, actually. There is a heavy groove and moody feel with the sustained organ and minor bassline.

Meklit’s voice sounds very similar to British singer Joan Armatrading. Her voice is smooth but carries a lot of intensity in it’s quietness.