Blue Red and Grey


Song: Blue Red and Grey
Album: By Numbers
Performer: The Who
Writer: Pete Townshend
Year: 1975

I’m going to end out my “Summer” playlist with song by The Who. When you think of The Who, you’re probably going to remember songs like “Pinball Wizard” or “Baba O’Riley.” You’re going to think British Rock. But this song is not a rock song at all.

Before hearing this song “Behind Blue Eyes” was one of the quieter songs I had heard from The Who. I did a double take when I saw that this ukulele driven song was recorded by the same band responsible for the historic rock opera Tommy.

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America – Simon & Garfunkel


Song: America
Album: Bookends
Performer: Simon & Garfunkel
Writer: Paul Simon
Year: 1968

Since this is a summer playlist for July, I have to have at least one ‘MERICA song. Unfortunately, most songs that have “America” in the lyrics anywhere are some combination of unbearably patriotic, pandering, and trying too hard to repeat Lee Greenwood’s success. Simon & Garfunkel’s “America” captures an honest reflection on the country that is more true and genuine than the mindlessly nationalistic songs we’re accustomed to hearing.

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You Bring the Summer – The Monkees

the-monkees-good-times-cover-art-final-1200x1200Song: You Bring the Summer
Album: Good Times!
Performer: The Monkees
Writer: Andy Partidge
Year: 2016

“You Bring the Summer” is a delightfully cheesy summer song by the Monkees. If you didn’t know any better and heard it on the oldies station, you wouldn’t think twice. It sounds like it stepped right out of the 1960’s. It was actually written and recorded earlier this year!

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice – The Beach Boys

Photo 7

Song: Wouldn’t It Be Nice
Album: Pet Sounds
Performer: The Beach Boys
Writer: Brian Wilson
Year: 1966

The Beach Boys often tend to get on my nerves a little bit (especially their Christmas album) but their song “Wouldn’t Be Nice” is my favorite song of theirs that holds a place on my list of feel-good nostalgic songs.

This song is a go to summer song for me. It’s about a young couple who laments that they are too young to run away and spend their lives together. It’s a youthful and romantic daydream about love and growing up. It never ceases to give me a fluttery feeling in my chest. It gives such a strong feeling of expectancy in both the lyrics and the production of the song which was ahead of it’s time.

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