Black Oak Baptist Church

19 July 2015

This was my first church gig with High Road. We played at Black Oak Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN. The church was nice and really appreciated the concert we put on. I especially enjoyed our performance of “Don’t You Weep.” On family in particular has been extremely supportive of Sarah and Kiley and High Road as a group. We went out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse with them after the show.


1st Annual Jamestown, TN Bluegrass Festival

18 July 2015

Today I played my first bluegrass festival! It was the 1st annual bluegrass festival in Jamestown, TN and while it didn’t have a huge crowd, I still had a great time on stage (and off) with The Banjocats. I love playing music with Michael and Jennifer McLain and also with Corinna Logston and other amazing fiddle players they have brought along. We played on a cute little bandstand that was decorated with homemade cutouts of bluegrass instruments and hanging potted plants. We played two one hour sets (one at 1pm and the other at 6pm) so it made for a long day, but we were treated to “Grandma’s World Famous Chicken Dumplin’s and fixin’s” and were able to hide out in the fairground office house while we let a little storm pass. We also had fun watching Corinna’s husband play in the mandolin, guitar, fiddle and banjo competitions. He had come along and entered the competitions to keep himself occupied. He was pretty successful and left with $175! All in all, it was a good day. I always enjoy spending time with Michael, Jennifer and Corinna.


Pancake Pantry

17 July 2015

I’ve been in Nashville a little over three years now and I haven’t played the Bluebird but after tonight, I can say that I have played the Pancake Pantry! This something not many people can say, as tonight was the first time the restaurant has hosted a wedding rehearsal dinner or any event like that! I had a blast jamming with High Road on some country classics like “Fishin’ in the Dark” and a great LeeAnn Womack song called “The Bees” that was new to me. We even got to see the bride and her grandpa share a sweet dance to a jazzy rendition of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy.” I met some new people, played some good music and ate the most delicious shortbread cookie I’ve ever had. I’d say it was a pretty fun night!


PowerLife Conference – Winnsboro, SC

13 July 2015 – 16 July 2015

This week I played with the group Highroad at the PowerLife conference in Winnsboro, SC. The conference was held at the White Oak conference center. The band is great. For this set of gigs, Ashley Bayne was on fiddle and vocals and Herschel VanDyke on drums. It was fun to meet and play music with them.We only played three songs a day, so there was plenty of time to hang out with band members and I was even able to get a couple hours of practice in each day! The Jason Cox band was also playing at the event and it was great to meet him and catch up with his band members James Black and Kevin Smith.


Gig at the Traveller’s Rest Orchard with The McLains

11 July 2015

I played bass with the McLains for a wedding at the Traveller’s Rest historical site. We played outside for the ceremony and moved into a renovated barn for the reception. The wedding was unique because the bride is from Norway and the couple met abroad in China, so it was an international crowd at the wedding. As always, I enjoyed my time playing with the McLains and it was fun to play with Corrina (fiddle) again! I think my favorite song to play with them right now is our version of the Beatle’s “I’ve Just Seen a Face.” I can’t get enough of the three part harmony on the chorus.

Gaining some culture at a Norwegian wedding at the Traveller’s Rest historical site!

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